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Mozilla Popcorn Maker: A test

Mozilla’s Popcorn enables to combine video with other elements.

I first read about it on Samuel Negredo’s blog, who combined videos with maps, images, texts and links in his project about public spaces in Zaragoza. Samuel used Popcorn.js. While this requires javascript and HTML skills, there’s also an online version which doesn’t, called “Popcorn Maker”, which I heard of at the news:rewired conference in London in February, where Mozilla’s Christian Heilmann introduced the possibilities of Popcorn. (You can read, hear and see his presentation here)

The Popcorn Maker is quite easy to use. You can e.g. include tweets, maps, text, images or websites. You simply upload the video of your choice and start dragging and dropping the elements into the timeline. You’ve got two areas to include those elements, so you could have e.g. a Twitter feed and a map at the same time.

Screenshot “Popcorn Maker

You can also include texts, subtitles or attributions, but unfortunately I couldn’t find a way to include links.

I tried to include maps and a Twitter feed in my video about Birmingham. Including the Twitter feed is simple, you just type in a certain term or hashtag.

To include a map, you need the certain latitude and longitude (to get that, just right-click on the certain point of the map and click “What’s here?” and then on the appearing green arrow). You also have to set the zoom, zooming in manually doesn’t work (or rather isn’t saved). I always used a value between 15 and 20 to be able to see a detailed map.

However, it’s still in the alpha version and obviously has got some bugs. You are able to grab the HTML code and publish the project, but in my case this didn’t work, neither on my blogspot nor on my wordpress blog. It did work on htmlpad, but also not as it was supposed to: All that is shown is the Twitter feed, unfortunately not the maps. Watch it here.

Here’s another screen shot where you can see how it should look like:

Screenshot “Popcorn Maker

Despite the bugs: I think the Popcorn Maker is a very nice and useful tool for online video, which is quite easy to use, and I will definitely stay updated regarding its development.

What do you think? Will Twitter feeds, maps, links etc. be a normal part of online videos in the future?

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